The Frozen Phenomenon

If you have kids in your life in any capacity, odds are that you can sing “Let It Go” from memory.  The hit song from the new Disney feature Frozen has swept the nation.  It seems that every child in America has seen the film, downloaded the soundtrack, and proceeded to listen to each songContinue reading “The Frozen Phenomenon”

How To Succeed

This week, I’ve been giving a great deal of thought to my role as a director and leader in various theatrical settings.  I found myself in a situation where I needed to clearly articulate the various aspects of my job and how I am able to do each of them successfully.  Following the structure ofContinue reading “How To Succeed”

“There is no place I know to compare with Pure Imagination”

The arts these days are in an excellent state.  At least in Pleasanton, California, where I have had the pleasure of working with their Civic Arts Stage Company these past 5 months.  There are many factors that have gone into making this the most enjoyable work experience of my career thus far.  I’m working withContinue reading ““There is no place I know to compare with Pure Imagination””

“It makes you wish that the world could be as lovely as it looks.”

What I love most about musical theatre is that it has the power to fill the viewer with hope and possibility.  Musical theatre exists in a world of heightened existence.  Where characters sing when the emotional stakes are too high to simply just talk.  Where kings, peasants, sailors, and movie stars explode into dance whenContinue reading ““It makes you wish that the world could be as lovely as it looks.””

Movie Musicals – A Lost Art

I grew up on the classic MGM musicals.  I cleaned out the musicals section at Rocky’s Video, and eventually had to resign myself to watching the same movies over and over again.  Gene Kelly and Judy Garland were my heroes.  Their films were sweeping and romantic.  I bemoaned the fact that no one really madeContinue reading “Movie Musicals – A Lost Art”