The Little Mermaid – The Music of a Generation

When I was asked to music direct The Little Mermaid last year, I jumped at the opportunity.  I immediately started listening to the cast album on an endless loop – at home, in the car, at the gym – letting the music fill me up and transport me back to a place of innocent wonder.Continue reading “The Little Mermaid – The Music of a Generation”

How To Succeed

This week, I’ve been giving a great deal of thought to my role as a director and leader in various theatrical settings.  I found myself in a situation where I needed to clearly articulate the various aspects of my job and how I am able to do each of them successfully.  Following the structure ofContinue reading “How To Succeed”

Who’s Who In The Cast

A large portion of the success of any production comes down to casting.  We see it all the time in the movies and on Broadway.  Producers know that by casting a world-renowned actor or a popular celebrity, there is a greater chance of people buying tickets to the show.  Pop singer Carly Rae Jepson ofContinue reading “Who’s Who In The Cast”

“There is no place I know to compare with Pure Imagination”

The arts these days are in an excellent state.  At least in Pleasanton, California, where I have had the pleasure of working with their Civic Arts Stage Company these past 5 months.  There are many factors that have gone into making this the most enjoyable work experience of my career thus far.  I’m working withContinue reading ““There is no place I know to compare with Pure Imagination””

It’s All About Me

Theatre has a reputation for being a rather egotistical art form.  After all, a great deal of personal investment goes into creating a piece of art.  Actors, directors, designers, and musicians are all sharing their craft.  There’s never enough time or money, and so theatre demands that we give more of ourselves.  It is completelyContinue reading “It’s All About Me”

Learning How to Play

My mother recently wrote a great post in her blog Discovering Santosha, entitled “Go out and play!”  She begins by writing, “Plato wrote, “You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” Playing allows us to take risks, to laugh at ourselves, to fall down, andContinue reading “Learning How to Play”

Movie Musicals – A Lost Art

I grew up on the classic MGM musicals.  I cleaned out the musicals section at Rocky’s Video, and eventually had to resign myself to watching the same movies over and over again.  Gene Kelly and Judy Garland were my heroes.  Their films were sweeping and romantic.  I bemoaned the fact that no one really madeContinue reading “Movie Musicals – A Lost Art”

The Beauty Is – 10 Most Influential Musical Theatre Experiences

Tonight, I finally managed to carve out a little time to just sit at the piano and play some music. It’s rare these days to find the time to play simply for pleasure and not for work. I find that one of the major hazards of a career in musical theatre is that you loseContinue reading “The Beauty Is – 10 Most Influential Musical Theatre Experiences”