Two summers ago, I had the pleasure of working with an assistant director who introduced me to a little phrase that would change the way that I looked at acting. Specifics Set You Free. It’s something that one of her college professors would tell them in class.  We soon adopted it into our daily mantra,Continue reading “#specificssetyoufree”


“So how do you do it with just words and just music?”

“It’s all uncharted.” Singer-songwriter Sara Bareilles took the UC Berkeley Greek Theatre by storm last night.  The performance was the last stop on her “Little Black Dress” tour.  Sara crisscrossed the country this summer, mostly playing songs from her newest album, “The Blessed Unrest.”  It’s a new album, with a new, more electronic sound, she’sContinue reading ““So how do you do it with just words and just music?””