“I blush and stammer badly.”

The greatest success requires the greatest risk. Human beings are innately afraid of embarrassment. One of the greatest blocks artists, nay, PEOPLE, face is the fear of being embarrassed. We will do everything possible to avoid the loss of control that accompanies embarrassment. But if we don’t risk embarrassment, how will we ever grow? ThisContinue reading ““I blush and stammer badly.””


Wake Up Call

I’ve spent most of my spare time this week digging into esteemed director, Anne Bogart’s book A Director Prepares.  Every page has been absolutely enlightening and I can’t believe that I am only now encountering this text for the first time.  Bogart’s straightforward, logical approach to the artistic process is a refreshing and inspiring.  InContinue reading “Wake Up Call”

A Word to Change the World

“In the beginning there was the Word.” The state of the arts is frighteningly dismal.  Theatre companies across the country face countless challenges every day as they struggle to keep their doors open.  More and more companies are folding under the weight of this struggle.  Four Bay Area theatre companies closed their doors this summer,Continue reading “A Word to Change the World”