The arts are alive and well in Berkeley. While the rest of the Bay Area seems to be struggling to find its artistic identity and patron base, Berkeley is flourishing.  The 17.6 square miles that make up Berkeley proper, house three major education institutions – The University of California Berkeley, the Graduate Theological Union, andContinue reading “CalArts”


Audition Ennui

Auditioning stinks. No matter which side of the table you’re sitting on, auditioning is one of the most brutal pieces of the theatre puzzle. As an actor, I came to dread going to auditions, not because I was scared, or anything having to do with the time I would spend singing or reading. Rather, myContinue reading “Audition Ennui”

A Word to Change the World

“In the beginning there was the Word.” The state of the arts is frighteningly dismal.  Theatre companies across the country face countless challenges every day as they struggle to keep their doors open.  More and more companies are folding under the weight of this struggle.  Four Bay Area theatre companies closed their doors this summer,Continue reading “A Word to Change the World”